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Producing Engaging Video Content

If you have an idea for any sort of video content -- branded, behind-the-scenes, music video, documentary, corporate reel, you name it -- I can help you realize your vision from pre- through post-production. 

A Gameplan for your Content Campaign

Clients don't just want to buy your product, they want to buy your story. Let's chat about your brand, your values and what stories might line up best with your business or product.

Things I can help you with.

Field Producing, Day Playing & Fixing

Already have a game-plan and just need someone who can bring it all together in the field? I'm happy to jump in for the day or even just a few hours.

Junkets, EPK & Red Carpet Coverage

With almost a decade of Film Marketing experience, you can feel confident sending me to any set, red carpet or junket to get the bites & b-Roll you need.

Documentary & Non-Profit Marketing

I am always open to doing discounted or pro bono work for the right cause. Pitch me on your idea or non-profit and let's work together!

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